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Another family scandal in the Douglas clan
14:25 2004-10-27
News that actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is suing the Spice House in Reno for using her image on its Web site was reported in newspapers worldwide on Tuesday.

This is the biggest thing to happen on Fourth Street since Mama started making meatballs at the Halfway Club.

Leading the media parade was the New York Post, which made the case its lead item in its "Page Six" feature. The story quoted Spice House owner Kent Wallace and called Zeta-Jones a bully in its headline, informs Reno Gazette Journal.

According to Reuters, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has sued a Nevada strip club for using a picture of her face to promote itself on the Web as "The Friendliest Topless Cabaret in Reno."

Zeta-Jones, who won an Oscar for her role as the murderous cabaret singer Velma Kelly in "Chicago," sued The Spice House after learning that she was featured with "partially nude women engaged in various sexually explicit poses," according to the federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles.

The suit said Zeta-Jones had never been to The Spice House and did not want her "highly valuable image and persona" to be used as an endorsement.

Kent Wallace, owner of The Spice House, said his Web designer got the photo from a "royalty free" Web site without recognizing the face, and claimed he took it down as soon as Zeta-Jones' lawyers contacted him last October.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and an order barring further use of Zeta-Jones' likeness. The club's Web designer downloaded the photos from a site offering "royalty-free graphics," said Kent Wallace, the club's marketing director.

"We had no idea it was Catherine Zeta-Jones;" said Wallace. Right, because it's not like she's one of the most recognizable women in the world, informs Seattle Post Intelligencer.

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Pravda.RU:Science and Culture

Another family scandal in the Douglas clan

News that actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is suing the Spice House in Reno for using her image on its Web site was reported in newspapers worldwide on Tuesday More details...

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Brains vs. Beauty: the never-ending dilemma

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Shark Tale: $118.7 million just in 3 weeks

The submarine gangsters of the animated film "Shark Tale" were the biggest fish in the pond last weekend, beating out a clique of puppet terrorists for top place at the North American box office More details...

Schwarzenegger has to choose Bush or sex

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed that he got the cold shoulder from his democratic wife Maria Shriver after he praised President George W. Bush at the Republican convention More details...

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