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Julia's booked by babies...

for the next 5 years


LOOKS like we won't be seeing Julia Roberts, 36, around after she gives birth to her twins next January.

The Oscar-winning actress plans to take a five-year break from Hollywood.

Meanwhile, her Ocean's Twelve co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones was on hand to make sure that the pregnant Roberts was well taken care of on the movie set.

The mother of two recalled what it was like when she was preggers on the set of Traffic: 'I had people running around doing everything for me, my feet were getting massaged, my toes were getting rubbed, and people would even come over and rub my belly from time to time.'

Diabetic Halle's good deeds

HALLE Berry is certainly the cat's meow when it comes to charity.

The recent Carousel Of Hope gala was held to honour the 38-year-old actress' efforts in raising money for children with diabetes.

Berry, who was diagnosed with the condition at 21, was presented with the Brass Ring award by pal Oprah Winfrey (left).

Meanwhile, the manager-father of R&B diva Beyonce Knowles (far left) - who also graced the event - is searching for a new protege in Britain who could rival his daughter in future.

He plans to hold a series of showcases around the country and put his chosen hopefuls through intensive music and recording training until they're as good as Knowles.

He said: 'It's early days yet, but I've already seen a couple of British girl groups I'd like to sign up.'

Party dunce

FIVE months after she reportedly dropped Jake Gyllenhaal, 24, because he was 'boring', Kirsten Dunst, 22, is back in his arms again.

Pictures of the two kissing in their car were secured by Us Weekly magazine. New York Post gossip column Page Six also spied them partying up a storm at LA nightclub Concorde Club last week.

'They were making out like crazy,' sources told the tabloid.

The couple were introduced by Gyllenhaal's sister, Maggie, who co-starred with Dunst in Mona Lisa Smile, in 2002.

Reports point to Gyllenhaal's inability to keep up with his girlfriend's partying ways as the reason for the split.

But Dunst told Britain's Daily Mail: 'They built me and Jake up as the cutest couple on Earth and then they say, 'They've broken up', but nobody knows what goes on between two people.'

Ready to bare

SHE bared her own Titanic assets in the James Cameron movie of the same name, and Kate Winslet is happy to do it again - for a good cause.

The 29-year-old mum of two told the London Daily Telegraph she admired the Duchess of York for recently dropping her clothes in a celebrity photo book to raise money for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

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