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'Legend Of Zorro' behind the scenes

Source: Entertainment Tonight

Cast and crew of the currently-filming 'Legend Of Zorro' open their set to TV show Entertainment Tonight, giving us a first look at the sequel.

Returning stars Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones spoke enthusiastically about the project, the original being a personal favorite for both.

"This film holds a lot of meaning to me, both professionally and personally," Catherine says. "I actually met my husband [Michael Douglas] when I was promoting the film in Deauville, France, and it was such an amazing time for me, being completely unknown, really, in America or in Mexico, where I shot the first one. It's a very important film for me and it's very close to my heart."

For Banderas, though, it was bitter-sweet revisiting. He does his own stunt, and the movie asks for lots of them, with numerous scenes of sword-fighting and horse-riding.

"This movie hurts a little bit when you're doing it," the actor laughs, "but it doesn't matter -- it doesn't matter when you go to the movie theatre and you see the people laughing and having a great time. All the sacrifices, we shouldn't even make remarks about them, because it's natural, it's our profession -- it's what we do."

'Legend's story picks up 10 years later, as Alejandro, Elena and their 10-year-old son have settled in a comfortable family living. Zorro is still active though, and even more when greedy and powerful landlords threaten the territory, and soon Zorro's own family.

"I think it's a rarity to have a sequel that takes seven years to come out, but the script feels right and that's why we're here." Concluded the duo.

You can get a video look at the production over here.

But for the whole movie, we shall all be patient. 'Legend Of Zorro' can only be expected in theatres for October 2005.

Anthony Langlois

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Reprinted with permission.

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