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Zeta-Jones in 'Ivy' League
Wed Nov 17, 2004 03:18 AM ET
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By Liza Foreman

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Catherine Zeta-Jones and her "Ocean's Twelve" producer Jerry Weintraub are reteaming on "The Ivy Chronicles," a comedy-drama based on an upcoming novel by Karen Quinn.

The Warner Bros. project centers on a former Wall Street high-flyer who, after losing her job and finding her husband in bed with the wife of her replacement, establishes a kindergarten referral service for well-heeled Manhattanites vying to get their tots into the country's choice schools.

Quinn's novel will be published in February by Viking Books. Zeta-Jones will star in the film adaptation, which Weintraub is producing.

Zeta-Jones has recently been at work on "The Mask of Zorro" sequel, "Legend of Zorro," as well as "Ocean's Twelve," which Warner Bros. will release on Dec. 10. Other projects in the pipeline include "Smoke & Mirrors," from director Mimi Leder, and "Coming Out," a rugby feature set in Zeta-Jones' native Wales.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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