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Catherine the knit-wit

Mariah wants to try acting again -- consider yourself warned.

By Bill Picture | Staff Writer
Published on Wednesday, November 17, 2004
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A source on the set of Catherine Zeta-Jones' new movie, "The Legend of Zorro," told the New York Post that CZJ spends all of her free time power-knitting. The Academy Award-winning actress has already knitted 15 ponchos and plans to knit another 20 before the shoot wraps to give away as Christmas gifts. And on the inside of each poncho, the actress is stitching a label that reads: "Personally made by CZJ."

Raise the terror alert!

God help us, Mariah Carey is planning to give acting another stab. The singer is reportedly in talks to star in a remake of "Casino Royale," a late-'60s spoof of the James Bond series about an over-the-hill spy who reluctantly comes out of retirement to help nab an evil crime clique. Carey's character, which was played by Ursula Andress in the original, was modeled after the Bond girls and spends most of the movie strutting around in next to nothing. What a stretch!

America's next top model?

Sting's daughter Katie is the latest rock offspring to hit the runway. The 22-year-old made her catwalk debut in London on Monday night modeling ready-to-wear designs for British fashion house Chester Bonham.

Paul gives his all

Paul McCartney had a tough time keeping up with younger artists last week during the recording of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" a remake of the 1984 charity single written by Bob Geldof to raise money for African famine relief. McCartney sings and plays bass on the remake and, according to The Sun, pretended to collapse after a grueling two-hour studio session and shouted, "Enough! No more! Finish!"

Beware of gay dogs?

Geri Halliwell, the first Spice Girl to say "ta ta," jokingly accused her good friend George Michael of turning her dogs gay. She told the Daily Mirror that since Michael started popping 'round more often, her dogs, both boys, have become awfully affectionate with one another. "They are always kissing and fussing over each other," she said. "I think they are gay doggies."

Lean, mean jeans

Victoria Beckham says the jeans line she designed for L.A.-based Rock & Republic actually lift the butt cheeks to give the illusion of a perky arse. Beckham described them as "Wonderbras for bottoms."

She's every woman ...

In an interview with Star magazine, Angelina Jolie quashed reports that she's trying to tone down her sexy image and said she believes that a woman can be a good mother to her children and still be sexy. "We're mothers but also sexual beings," she said. "I'm a bit of everything, depending on my mood and the time of day."

Diva on board

Lindsay Lohan reportedly held up a flight at New York's JFK Airport on Sunday, insisting that airline staff allow her and the two friends she was with to board even though they didn't have tickets. An eyewitness told MSNBC's Jeannette Walls, "[Lindsay] was throwing a hissy fit and there was total chaos." Lohan's rep, however, insists it was an airline screw-up. Apparently, Lohan and her friends had all purchased tickets in advance but were told when they got to the airport that someone had canceled their reservations. "It wasn't Lindsay's fault," said her flack.

Quote for the day

"[That] is the biggest crock of s--- ... Donald Trump would appear cheap next to Jessica [Simpson]."

-- Nick Lachey responds to his wife's accusation that he's a penny-pincher

Quick Bites

Kelly Osbourne told the New York Daily News that sobriety is "better than being on drugs."

Danny Devito turns 60 today.

John Mayer reportedly stayed home on Halloween to answer the door for trick-or-treaters.

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