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Zeta's Own Goal

Zeta's Own Goal

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Zeta's Own Goal

Catherine Zeta-Jones may be going back to her roots by snapping up a struggling Welsh football club.  

It's rumoured that the Swansea-born star and her actor hubby, Michael Douglas, are pondering picking up Llanelli AFC for £350,000.

It's owned by Cath's uncle, Robert Jones, and needs a cash injection to revive its fortunes.  

The 35-year-old is already said to have made several visits to the club, battling to move away from the bottom of the Welsh Premier League.  

One club insider told the Daily Mirror: "The fact she's shown an interest is fantastic.  

"But it's very early days. A few potential purchasers have come forward since the club was put up for sale last week.  

"Obviously Catherine and Michael have a lot of cash.  

"Buying Llanelli would be a drop in the ocean for them, but for us it could make all the difference."

Last Updated: 09:04 UK, Tuesday November 30, 2004