Zeta-Jones dips into Pitt's lips in Ocean's Twelve

By ian caddell

Publish Date: 2-Dec-2004



PALM SPRINGS--It's nice to know that even people who appear to have it all feel they have something to be insecure about. The list apparently includes Catherine Zeta-Jones. In a hospitality suite at a Palm Springs golf resort, Zeta-Jones says she has problems looking at herself in the mirror and has never relished the idea of going on a set for the first time.

"I'm always asking my husband if my butt is too big. I can see good things and feel good about them, but there are also other things that I have insecurities about, and I don't think that will change. I'm intimidated the first day that I go on a movie set. It's terrifying. I always want to reshoot the first day or the first week. It's only when the ice is broken and you know that you are not going to be sacked, that they're not going to replace you, that you start to enjoy it."

Producer Jerry Weintraub was aware within a few days of the opening of Ocean's Eleven, in the fall of 2001, that there would be a sequel. Someone had to be added to the cast in order for there to be an Ocean's Twelve. Director Steven Soderbergh, who had worked with Zeta-Jones in Traffic, felt the film needed a relationship story that included Brad Pitt's character, Rusty Ryan. Eventually, Soderbergh created a female British detective who meets Rusty and falls for him, only to discover, after he has dropped out of her life, that he was the thief she has been chasing. The next time they meet he is working with his old gang and planning an even bigger heist.

"We wanted to make them different from Danny and Tess," Zeta-Jones says. "She loves this guy so much and then she's dumped by him. I liked that relationship and I wanted to do the movie even though I know I will be hated by women around the world for having to kiss him [Pitt]. My husband would say to me, 'What are you doing today, honey?' and I'd say, 'Oh, I'm kissing Brad on a bridge.' The next day I would say, 'Oh, I'm kissing Brad in the car or someplace.' It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it."

After she settled in and realized she wouldn't be fired, Zeta-Jones began to notice that she was the only cast member who wasn't involved in a series of pranks, most of them initiated by either Clooney or Pitt. She says she was miffed until she was told these things don't happen overnight. "I thought there was a personality clash and that the guys didn't like me because they didn't pull pranks on me. I have been informed that it can take up to three years to complete, so I have known George Clooney for two. I will be looking over my shoulder for the next year."


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