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Pitt praises Catherine

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Who knew that a Welsh lass could break Hollywood and be declared "beautiful, elegant" AND a demon drinker by an A-list star!

But that's exactly what Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt has been waffling on about, when asked about working with Catherine Zeta-Jones on the set of Ocean's Twelve.

Cathy plays Rusty Ryan's love interest Isabel Lahiri in the sequel, and Pitt says he was amazed by her professionalism alongside practical jokers George Clooney and Matt Damon.

"I think the biggest joke was on Catherine because she actually thought we were making a movie. Being the new kid, nobody told her because she was up running lines and breaking down her character," says Pitt.

"We were just excited to get Catherine first of all because she brings this great elegance to it and a lot of the film was going to be focused on her own and she was going to have to carry that thing, so it would have to be someone who could carry that kind of weight."

Careful Brad, a gentleman never mentions a lady's weight.

But the Troy beefcake was more impressed that she could keep her bevvy's down.

"The great thing about Catherine is there is this great beauty and elegance but at the same time, she'll drink any one of you under the table."

That'll be all those years knocking back Brains Bitter, eh, Cathy?

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