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The postman strikes Esther

Usher makes an offer he can't refuse; CZJ defends her spending ways.

By Bill Picture | Staff Writer
Published on Friday, December 3, 2004
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A crazed fan has been hand-delivering threatening letters to Madonna's home. And a source close to the singer told The Sun that Madonna is afraid to even step foot outside because she fears being the victim of a John Lennon-like shooting.

A made man

Usher reportedly just landed his first leading role in a movie. The R&B phenomenon is to star in "Dying for Dolly," in which he'll play a young Mafioso-on-the-rise who commits the ultimate sin, sleeping with his mob boss' daughter.

In defense of spending

Catherine Zeta Jones recently defended her and husband Michael Douglas' extravagant lifestyle. The Academy Award-winning Welsh actress told The Sun that she and her husband have worked hard all their lives and have therefore earned the right to pamper themselves.

PDA alert

Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley made their first outright public display of affection the other night, walking into the Spider Room in Los Angeles with their arms around each other. And according to an eyewitness, the Sum 41 frontman was rocking a gold band on his wedding finger.

Leo's private exercise

Leonardo DiCaprio told at the premiere of "The Aviator" that playing Howard Hughes was one his most challenging roles to date. The actor said researching the role was difficult because the reclusive millionaire kept everyone he knew at arm's length. "I got to meet a lot of people who really knew the man," said DiCaprio. "And they gave me a lot of real good inside information ...[But he was] extremely private, so I got to sort of make my own interpretation of who he was."

Child support antics

Speaking of "The Aviator," Leo's costar Gwen Stefani, who plays Jean Harlow in the film, is reportedly beside herself after learning her husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, will have to cough up back-child support for the 15-year-old daughter he only recently discovered was his. The girl's mother, who had a one-night stand with Rossdale in the '80s, is reportedly planning to take Rossdale to court to collect the money. A source close to Stefani told the Daily Mirror, "It's proving a real strain on Gwen. Finding out her husband has a secret child is bad enough, but the prospect of a court [even] worse."

Spanish boogie

J.Lo's husband Marc Anthony accompanied her to Spain to promote her forthcoming new album. The singer/actress hosted a private listening party at a nightclub in Madrid on Wednesday night where guests got to sample a few of the tracks from the album, which is due out early next year.

X-tina goes Bollywood

Christina Aguilera is fascinated by Indian culture and plans to incorporate classical Indian music into her next album. The singer flew to India earlier this week for a stay at an exclusive hilltop retreat outside Mumbai accessible only by helicopter. The Drrty singer intends to sample local music while she's there and a source told she's also planning to meet with a big-name Bollywood producer about a small part in one of his next films.

Quote for the day

"I like his hiney."

-- Jessica Simpson on her husband Nick Lachey's best asset. Don't we all, Jess, don't we all?

Quick Bites

  • Jake Gyllenhaal shaved his trademark bedhead completely off for his next role.
  • Hilary Duff admitted to Australia's NW magazine that she has a crush on David Beckham.
  • Andy Dick is reportedly developing a comedy based on his Daphne Aguilera character, a parody of Christina Aguilera.

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