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CATHERINE ZETA-JONES allayed BRAD PITT's fears about buying his wife JENNIFER ANISTON jewellery again - by insisting women never tire of receiving glittering gemstones.

The CHICAGO actress refuses to pay for diamond rings or ruby necklaces herself, because she deems the purchase of such fashion accessories her husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS' job.

She says, "Call me old-fashioned but nothing says 'I love you' like a big old rock. Jewellery represents special moments in your life and only my husband buys it for me."

So when her OCEAN'S TWELVE co-star Pitt approached Zeta-Jones to ask her advice on an anniversary gift for Aniston, she urged him to limit his search to jewellery shops.

She adds, "When we were on location, Brad Pitt - a freak of nature, so handsome, no ego, just a sweet, great guy - asked what he should give Jennifer for their anniversary and I said, 'A beautiful ruby.' He asked, 'Don't girls ever get bored with jewels?' I said, 'No.'"

07/12/2004 14:22

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