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George had never realised quite how tall Lisa was - CLICK IMAGE to enlarge

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Yes, she's gorgeous George
By Patrick Sawyer, Evening Standard
9 December 2004

Goerge Clooney is one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors with a history of beautiful girlfriends. But even he could be forgiven for confusing his current partner Lisa Snowdon with the co-star of his latest film, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Clooney and Lisa in TV toast
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What's a boy to do when confronted with two darkhaired British women in similar plunging necklines at the premiere of Ocean's 12?

Snowdon's appearance on the red carpet in Los Angeles did cause some confusion among celebrity spotters not familiar with the former Top of the Pops presenter and lingerie model.

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But there was no mistaking which of the two women was the real star of the show. Zeta-Jones, mother of two, was dazzlingly glamorous.

Clooney and co-stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon took a back seat as she arrived with her husband Michael Douglas outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the traditional venue for major Hollywood premieres.

In the film, a sequel to Ocean's Eleven, Zeta Jones plays a European detective once dumped by Pitt's character Rusty Ryan.

The film continues three years after the original, with the gang forced to find ways of returning the millions stolen in the original casino heist. They carry out a series of new robberies with Zeta-Jones hot on their trail. Critics in the US have give the film mixed reviews, with the magazine Entertainment weekly calling it

''lazy and second rate."

It opens in America this weekend and in Britain in February. Snowdon, who met Clooney when they filmed a

Martini advert in Italy four years ago, recently said: "I know people look at me and think' God, why her?' They seem to assume that because George is who he is that he couldn't be interested in somebody like me, from Welwyn Garden City."

Come on Lisa, don't be too hard on yourself. After all, Michael Douglas fell for a Swansea girl, didn't he?

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