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Review: ‘Ocean's Twelve’ Entertains

Jeffrey Lyons, Lyons Den

The remake of the ordinary 1960s "Rat Pack" movie, "Ocean's 11," earned a startling $153 million, so a sequel was inevitable.

But this one bucks the conventional theory that follow-ups are never as good.

There's a new energy afoot here and a slick, insider sort of humor movie buffs will like. What's more, none of the actors seem to be taking any of this seriously, which adds to the self-effacing fun.

The crooks that robbed a Las Vegas casino have been tracked down by the angry owner, played well by Andy Garcia, and so they convene and decide to pay back what they owe.

All the old hands are back. And some new ones, too: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Carl Reiner, Elliott Gould, Scott Caan, Bernie Mack and Casey Affleck, to name a few.

New to the cast is Catherine Zeta-Jones, as a cop who is wise that something's up.

The gang decides to pull heists in Rome, London and Amsterdam to pay back the money they owe, as the movie then incorporates European backdrops into the story.

There are also funny twists and turns, none of them very deep, but coupled with some in-jokes involving Julia Roberts, a cameo from a famous action movie superstar, and some asides nearly tossed directly to the audience, which add to the fun.

Director Steven Soderbergh knows how to keep his cast in line, and evoke generous ensemble performance from the bigger stars, so that everyone has their moment or two.

"Ocean's 12" won't win any Oscar nominations next month, no doubt, but it has the attitude that it doesn't care about that. It just wants to entertain.


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