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Dec 10 2004

Cath tops bill at premiere

By Rick Fulton

WELSH wonder Catherine Zeta-Jones outshone every celebrity at the Hollywood film premiere of the year.

She wowed crowds at the opening of Ocean's Twelve in Los Angeles by showing off her curves in a stunning light pink, floor-length gown.

Co-stars George Clooney and Brad Pitt were left in the shade when Zeta-Jones arrived with husband Michael Douglas.

Clooney walked down the red carpet hand in hand with his British model girlfriend Lisa Snowdon and his mother Nina.

He was clearly in pain after a slipping a disc on the set of his new film, Syriana.

Tinseltown's most famous bachelor was not expected to attend after pulling out of several media appearances while recovering.

The 43-year-old paused only to give a brief wave before entering Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

He reprises his role of Danny Ocean in the sequel to 2001's heist caper, Ocean's Eleven.

Co-star Brad Pitt arrived at the screening without wife Jennifer Aniston, who is filming in London.

Wearing a white shirt and leather jacket, Pitt, 40, posed with co-stars and waved to the crowd.

Co-star Julia Roberts did not make an appearance.

The 37-year-old, who plays Clooney's on-screen wife Tess, gave birth to a boy and a girl prematurely last week.

Her daughter Hazel, who had been on a respirator in intensive care after being born four weeks early weighing 4lb 6oz, was allowed out of hospital yesterday.

Hazel's brother Phinneaeus was also tiny - at just 5lb 6oz. Roberts had been at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, where the twins were born, since Saturday.

Actor Bruce Willis, who plays himself in the film, made an appearance on the red carpet, as did model Heidi Klum and Sharon Stone.

Ocean's Twelve sees Clooney's gang planning heists in Europe, where they are pursued by an Interpol agent, played by Zeta-Jones.


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