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Source:, 12/13/04.

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09:00am ET, 14-December-04

 Driver Eyes Wonder Woman

Minnie Driver told SCI FI Wire that she'd love to play Wonder Woman, but doubts that it will work out in her favor. "I think you're probably going to see Catherine Zeta-Jones squished into a corset and a pair of shorts quicker than you'd see me," Driver said in an interview while promoting her latest movie, The Phantom of the Opera, which will be released by Warner Brothers, the studio that retains the rights to Wonder Woman. "I might have more currency now, after Phantom, because she is an operatic superhero, in my opinion."

"That's actually going to be my new angle, my new pitch," Driver added, laughing. "I knew there was a reason I came here today, and it was to hone my pitch to Warner Brothers."

Driver pointed to original TV Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter as one of her heroines. "She did it all with a couple of bracelets and a weird lasso, and she had an invisible plane!" Driver said. "Come on, she's heaven, and she was so sexy. Even though I didn't have blue eyes, at a stretch I thought I could possibly grow up to be her, whereas I could never have grown up to be Lindsay Wagner [who played the Bionic Woman]. Do you know what I mean?"

Driver laughed again when it was suggested that perhaps she could convince Debra Winger to reprise her role as Drusilla, better known as Wonder Girl. The future Oscar winner appeared opposite Carter as Wonder Woman's sister in three episodes of the old television series. "Heaven," Driver said. "Heaven. She's maybe my favorite actress."

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