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Posted on Wed, Dec. 15, 2004

51 is the new 43 for 'Ocean's 12' leading man

George Clooney sure looks suave and mature... maybe too mature. A scene in "Ocean's Twelve" where Clooney's buddies wonder about his age has an element of truth to it.

Clooney said he told director Steven Soderbergh about a young Italian woman who asked how old he was.

"I am stupid enough to ask the question, 'How old do you think I am?' " Clooney told reporters, AP Radio reported. "She says, '50."'

Clooney asked the woman to guess again.

Her reply: "51?"

Clooney is 43.

When Soderbergh heard the story, Clooney said, he decided to include it in the film, a sequel to 2001's "Ocean's Eleven," that also stars Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Not-nominated costar says she isn't desperate

"Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria says she'll be at the Golden Globes next month to cheer for her fellow cast members.

Her ABC co-stars Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman were nominated Monday for best actress in a TV musical or comedy series, and Nicollette Sheridan was nominated for best supporting actress in a miniseries, movie or series.

"They have all paid their dues and are so awesome to work with. It couldn't have happened to better women," Longoria told syndicated entertainment TV show "Access Hollywood."

Vegas Hilton about to morph into Copa

Another former heavyweight of American pop has parked himself at the nation's boneyard for has-been music stars. That'd be Barry Manilow, who has signed a long-term deal to perform at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel-casino.

Announced Tuesday, the deal, most likely for beaucoup (undisclosed) bucks, will have Barry sing such beloved dross as "Mandy" and "Copacabana" five nights a week, for 24 weeks through '05 and into '06. The 90-minute show premieres Feb. 25 and is called "Manilow: Music and Passion."

'Just Shoot Me' brains revs up Anderson vehicle

Pamela Anderson, who has distinguished herself as an author ("Star: A Novel"), will grace the boob tube again! According to The Hollywood Reporter, she'll star in a Fox sitcom being developed by "Just Shoot Me" writer-producer Steven Levitan.

This one'll force Pam to stretch her acting skills: She'll play a woman who's trying to break the habit of falling in love with irresponsible rebel dudes. Like Tommy Lee or Kid Rock?

'Who's Your Daddy?' Fox may be telling us

Weeping for our lost civ? Sorry, it actually gets worse. There's a new reality TV show upon us, with the wigged premise that was probably pitched to Fox like this: What would you get if you mixed Sigmund Freud, Jerry Springer, Betty Friedan and "The Price is Right?" The answer - "Who's Your Daddy?" - has an almost-appealing premise: Give a woman who was adopted as an infant the chance to find her long-lost father.


Top stories Tuesday at

1. Millions of regrets

The Associated Press

The wife of the winner of the richest undivided lottery jackpot in U.S. history says she regrets his purchase of the $314.9 million ticket. Sent: 1849 times

2. Brain unfolds


British scientists say they've identified a third area of the brain involved in language, a finding that seems to confirm previous theories. Sent: 1457 times

3. Why we study

The Associated Press

A private college is raising eyebrows with a recruiting postcard that shows a man surrounded by women and says students have the opportunity to "play the field." Sent: 635 times

4. Divas bicker

The Associated Press

Singer George Michael has written to a British celebrity magazine to rebuke Elton John for making unflattering comments. Sent: 624 times

5. Excursion ends


Ford Motor Co. will kill off the Ford Excursion, its largest sport utility vehicle and a lightning rod for criticism from environmental groups, next year. Sent: 583 times


In 1791, the Bill of Rights went into effect following ratification by Virginia.

In 1890, Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull and 11 other tribe members were killed in Grand River, S.D., during a fracas with Indian police.

In 1938, groundbreaking ceremonies for the Jefferson Memorial took place in Washington, D.C.

In 1944, a single-engine plane carrying bandleader Glenn Miller disappeared over the English Channel while en route to Paris.

In 1961, former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death by an Israeli court.


Actor-comedian Tim Conway is 71. Singer Cindy Birdsong (The Supremes) is 65. Rock musician Dave Clark (The Dave Clark Five) is 62. Rock musician Paul Simonon (The Clash) is 49. "Crowd-hyper" Kito Trawick (Ghostown DJs) is 27.


In addition to his poor performance on a field sobriety test, the chief evidence that Frank Hersha, 28, was driving drunk in Manchester, Conn., in October was that police spotted him trying to order from the drive-thru window of a local restaurant that was obviously closed.

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