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Friday December 17, 2004

Zeta-Jones talks about her role in Ocean's Twelve


Zeta-Jones plays Europol agent Isabel Lahiri.
IN person, Catherine ZetaĖJones looks utterly amazing, blessed as she is with the kind of Mediterranean good looks that could stop traffic.  

Elegantly dressed in a gold lame top and black skirt during a recent press conference for Oceanís Twelve Ė Steven Soderberghís anticipated heist sequel to the 2001 hit comedy/thriller Ė in the picturesque, high desert surrounds of Palm Springs, California, Zeta-Jones looked every inch the Hollywood starlet. Despite nowhere as jocular as her male co-stars, who entertained the assembled members of the press with their good-humoured teasing, the sultry 35-year-old actress who hails from Swansea, Wales, still managed to command the attention of the assembled press thanks to her ravishing good looks. 

Given her understated elegance, it came as no surprise to discover that Zeta-Jones had no part in the prank playing that was going on during the shooting of Oceanís Twelve. ď(Laughs) I thought that the guys didnít like me because I didnít have any pranks. But I have been informed that it (a prank) can take up to three years to complete. I have known George Clooney for two years, therefore, Iím looking over my shoulder for the next year.Ē 

In Oceanís Twelve, Zeta-Jones is cast as Isabel Lahiri, the high-ranking Europol agent whose job it is to track down thieves like Danny Ocean. Lahiri also happens to be Rusty Ryanís ex-lover in the movie. The story goes that Ryan, who is played by Brad Pitt, is trying his hardest to win her back. Said Zeta-Jones about her character. ďShe has the blood of the best thief in the world and as much as she hates him, she hasnít seen her father in years and is distressed over her lost love. Thereís a lot there to play with.Ē 

Added Zeta-Jones: ďAlso, it was nice that I was in Europe being European and I was very proud to give a speech at The Hague. It was also very good to know that Europol agents wear red leather to work. When I was researching the character, I didnít think Iíd be wearing red leather.Ē 

Laughingly, Zeta-Jones quipped that working with Brad Pitt did have its perks. ďI bet Iím hated by women around the world for having to kiss this guy. My husband would say to me: ĎWhat are you doing today, honey?í and Iíd say, ĎOh, Iím kissing Brad on a bridge.í The next day: ĎOh Iím kissing Brad in a carí or someplace. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it.Ē 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and director Steven Soderbergh on the set of Oceanís Twelve.
Despite the cast of Oceanís Twelve being predominantly male and immature, Zeta-Jones revealed that she was not too intimidated by her energetic male co-stars. ďI donít know about my humour but, by god, we have a good laugh when we hang out. The guys are funny and itís contagious. Iím intimidated every day that I go on stage and every day that I go on a movie set. Itís terrifying and I always want to re-shoot the first day or the first week. Iím so terrified. When meeting the guys for the first time, itís such a powerful force. All these guys together, you know? But it was just easy and simple and they welcomed me with open arms. I had to leave my prissy girliness at the door, just join in and it was great.Ē 

And even though she possesses the kind of looks that could drive a man to distraction, modesty takes over when it comes to discussing her beauty. ďIím a regular woman so I always have some type of insecurities. Iím always asking my husband if my bum is too big. I can see good things and feel good about them but there are also other things that I have insecurities over.Ē 

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