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The original Wonder Woman, Linda Carter.
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We wonder: Who will play super woman on big screen?
By Sean L. McCarthy
Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It looks like Hollywood is getting ready to greenlight a big-screen version of Wonder Woman. TV Guide online and Ain't it Cool News are reporting that Joel Silver and Warner Bros. want Joss Whedon of ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' fame to write and direct the movie adaptation.
     But who will star? Those same reports hint that Whedon could turn to one of his femme fatales, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Charisma Carpenter, to reprise the role made famous in the 1970s by Lynda Carter.
     We're still trying to forget Gellar's turn as Daphne in the ``Scooby-Doo'' stinkers. Zoinks!
     Gellar donned the Wonder Woman costume for the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. But she may have sabotaged her shot at a repeat performance by comparing her look to ``a drag queen'' in a BBC interview later that year.
     Carpenter might not fit the superheroine's squeaky-clean image, since she posed nude for ``Playboy'' earlier this year. Then again, Lynda Carter did go topless in the 1976 film, ``Bobbi Jo and the Outlaw.''
     Who else, then, could twirl a magic lasso and deflect bullets with her bracelets? We have a few suggestions:
      Catherine Zeta-Jones: Suggested by Carter herself in a 1999 online chat with fans. Maybe her real-life hubby, Michael Douglas, could play Steve Trevor.
      Lindsay Lohan: No one is younger or hotter right now, but we don't see her as an action hero. Sorry.
      Monica Bellucci: At 40, she's probably too old for the role, but we can dream.
      Women who've already worn the tights on the small screen: Laura Prepon (``That '70s Show''), Rachel Bilson (``The O.C.''), Heather Graham (``Scrubs'') or Olympic volleyball star Misty May (``Eve'').
      Jessica Biel: Proved she could kick butt in ``Blade: Trinity.''
      Salma Hayek: Has curves that could fend off any enemy.
      Tyra Banks: Ditto.
      Adriana Lima: Brazilian Victoria's Secret model hails from the Amazon.
      A former beauty queen: After all, Carter was Miss World USA in 1972. Halle Berry, Laura Harring or Ali Landry would all fit the bill. Or our own local superwoman, Lawrence's Susie Castillo, who paraded the global stage as Wonder Woman during the 2003 Miss Universe Pageant.

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