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Sir Elton John tops Britain's celebrity rich list

January 26, 2005, 1:41:07
Elton John

Sir Elton John has topped Britain's celebrity rich list.

The flamboyant star has been revealed as the richest Briton in showbiz - after earning a staggering 33million in 2004 alone.

The 57 year-old legend - who has landed himself a 75 show, three year deal performing at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, rumoured to be worth 28million - soared from fifth place last year to clinch the top spot.

Although Elton's latest album, 'Peachtree Road', fell short of reaching the Top 20, it could not stop the megastar knocking the Rolling Stones from the highest earners spot - and topping the chart by an enormous 13million.

Second biggest earners of 2004 were The Osbourne family, who bagged an impressive 20million, managing to top Sharon's fellow 'X Factor' judge Simon Cowell, whose 18million fortune landed him in third place.

** Elton John Article Continues Below **
** The Elton John article continues now **

Other celebrities who grabbed themselves a top ten spot in the poll by Britain's OK! Magazine, include Sir Paul McCartney, Catherine Zeta Jones, Rod Stewart, Jude Law and Sting, all banking between 12million and 17million in 2004.

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Sir Elton John tops Britain's celebrity rich list

Elton John Bys Local Pub Dog £10k Collar

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