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New mums want Zeta Jones' top and Posh Spice's bottom!:

[Hollywood News]: London, Feb 4 : New mothers want to be like famous celebrity mums, namely Victoria Beckham, Catherine Zeta Jones, Madonna, Liz Hurley and Kate Winslet, and wouldn't mind opting for cosmetic surgery in their quest of the 'perfect body'.

According to The BBC, a survey of 2,000 new mums revealed that they wished they had Catherine Zeta Jones' top half, and Victoria Beckham's bottom half.

The survey conducted by 'Mother and Baby' magazine revealed that all new mums are unhappy about their bodies post-pregnancy, and seeing celebrities regain their figures in weeks or even days added to the pressure they felt.

Most women said that they had not regained their pre-pregnancy figures 22 months after giving birth, and speedy celebrity weight-loss was put down to surgery by 80 per cent of women.

The survey also revealed that 86 per cent of new mothers said they felt more attractive and confident before pregnancy, and 82 per cent said they were unhappy with their figure after pregnancy.

Seventy-seven per cent said they had been shocked by the changes to their body post-pregnancy.

Women said childbirth radically changed their bodies, altering the stomachs, arms, legs, breasts and bottoms, and not for the better.

Sixty per cent said they believed they would be happier if they could improve their bodies, and said they would be most likely to opt for liposuction, tummy tucks or breast enlargements.

Interestingly, 94 per cent of the men questioned by the magazine said they found their partners just as attractive as they had before.

"After having a baby mums should be revelling in the joy of their new baby and eating well so they can healthily breastfeed, not despairing about their body shape and semi-starving themselves," the report quoted Elena Dalrymple, editor of 'Mother and Baby editor' and mother of 16-month-old Kate.

"But the pressure from super-slim celebrity mums to be a yummy mummy is so immense, ordinary mums feel they should have a film star body and be back in their jeans just days after birth," she added.

The Top 10 celebrity bodies are as follows:

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones 2. Victoria Beckham 3. Davina McCall 4. Kate Winslet 5. Liz Hurley 6. Melinda Messenger 7. Gwyneth Paltrow 8. Elle Mcpherson 9. Madonna 10.Kerry McFadden (ANI)

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