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Yummy mummy syndrome

Skinny star mums make most mums hate their own bodies, says survey

HOW can she look so fantastic when I look so lousy?

-- Pictures/ AP,

That's what almost all new mothers think when they see stars like Elizabeth Hurley (right) and Catherine Zeta Jones looking slim and stunning on the red carpet within weeks of giving birth, according to a survey.

In a poll of 2,000 new mums in Britain by Mother And Baby magazine, 97 per cent said they were unhappy about the way their body looked after childbirth.

One in four would even consider plastic surgery, reported the BBC.

Seeing celebrities regain their figures quickly after childbirth added to the pressure they felt, the respondents said.

This is despite 80 per cent acknowledging that the stars had access to personal trainers, dieticians and surgery - and Hurley's recent admission that she regained her figure by eating only one meal a day and always going to bed hungry.

Most mums surveyed said they had still not regained their pre-pregnancy figure two years after giving birth - and 77 per cent said they were shocked by the changes.

Asked to choose which famous mum they would most like to look like, the most popular choice was Catherine Zeta Jones, followed by Victoria Beckham.

Others in the top 10 included Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Mcpherson and Madonna.

The editor of Mother And Baby, Ms Elena Dalrymple, who has a 16-month-old daughter, said: 'After having a baby, mums should be revelling in the joy of their new baby and eating well so they can healthily breastfeed, not despairing about their body shape and semi-starving themselves.

'But the pressure from super-slim celebrity mums to be a yummy mummy is so immense, ordinary mums feel they should have a film star body and be back in their jeans days after birth.'

Two-thirds of respondents said they fretted about their body shape every day, and believed their lives would be happier if they could improve their bodies.

But they may be worrying for nothing.

Almost all the fathers surveyed - 94 per cent - said they found their wives just as attractive after childbirth as they had before.

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