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Wonder Woman Producers looking at Bayne?
Posted on Thr, 10-Feb-2005

You may remember a couple of years ago there were rumours about "Under the Hellgate Bridge" star Jordan Bayne - she's the sweetie with the sky blue eyes - being linked to "Wonder Woman".

The webmaster of Jordanbayne-online tells us that the saucy beauty - who has expressed interest in playing in the Amazon Princess for quite a while - has now been contacted by the producers of the forthcoming "Wonder Woman" about possibly strapping on the wonder-bra.

"I was instructed to send some shots of her to one of the producer's office so I'm thinking she's still being considered", says the site's maintainer. With the way things had been going, I don't think they'd ask for material if they weren't thinking of something, don't you?".

Bayne - whose other credits include "Fire Over Afghanistan" and "Poltergiest : The Legacy" - has also been "been interviewed because papers have chosen her as their pick for Wonder Woman".

Bayne's competition for the role include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Charisma Carpenter, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Satu Rautaharju, Angelina Jolie and Minnie Driver.

Sadly, all my headshots were returned 'return to sender'. How rude.

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