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Louise Fullerton and Rob Sarofeen of Peabody, shown with Regis and Kelly, will tie the knot on their show today.
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Zeta-Jones makes the call at Hasty Pudding ceremony
By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
Friday, February 11, 2005

Catherine Zeta-Jones had to sing - and dance - for her Pudding Pot yesterday as the Harvard Hasty Pudding Theatricals officially crowned the Academy Award-winning cellphone pitchwoman its Woman of the Year.
     ``I'm honored to be receiving this. God, I'm sweating for it,'' the ``Chicago'' hoofer huffed after the Hasties put her through her paces. ``This does rank up there with my Oscar - kind of.''
     Mrs. Michael Douglas, dodging digs about her ubiquitous T-Mobile spokesgig, good-naturedly performed ``the cellphone-block tango,'' the Funky Chicken and the Welsh Gazelle at the Hasty Pudding's annual roast in the historic Harvard Square theater.
     Dressed simply in a black pantsuit and white blouse, CZ-J also cooed Welsh into a poodle's ear, sword-fought the pants off of an Antonio Banderas-wannabe and passed a lie-detector test in order to prove her mettle and get her hands on the coveted pot.
     ``We don't want just anyone getting a pudding pot - we made that mistake with Michael Douglas,'' Hasty veep Sam Gale Rosen joked.
     Zeta-Jones, whose hubby was watching from the audience, came back with some equally Intolerable Cruelty.
     ``Never having gone to college, it's good to be here at Harvard and it's good to know they're not that bright,'' she cracked. ``And it's good to know that there's not one ounce of class here at gorgeous Harvard but I've sprinkled just a little bit of it throughout your yard.''
     America's Sweethearts, who arrived in town Wednesday night, spent much of their time in Cambridge holed up in their swish suite at the Charles Hotel ordering scented candles and room service.
     How romantic!
     When they arrived, the Douglases sent down for some chicken club sandwiches and milk. Yesterday, they stayed inside ordering up room service for breakfast and lunch until it was time to get with the Pudding peeps.
      Sadly, though, it rained on the traditional parade through Harvard Square and that portion of the festivities was cancelled.
     The Tinseltown twosome's son, Dylan, 4, was expected to wing his way into Cambridge with his nanny yesterday afternoon to check out Mum's big day. And maybe he got his name on the early enrollment list for Harvard's Class of 2018.
     One can never be too Hasty about these things!
     Last night, Catherine, Michael and their prodigious Pudding posse dined at the Harvard Square hotel and - weather permitting - were expected to go out for drinks at Peking Tom's on Kingston Street.
      Where, we are sure, they had a Wales of a good time. . . .
     Deion: Live with love
     Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch continues his media magic-carpet ride on ``Live with Regis and Kelly'' this morning.
     No. 83 will be the surprise guest at the wedding of Louise Fullerton and Rob Sarofeen of Peabody - a couple of BIG New England Patriots fans - who are going to tie the knot on ``Live.''
     The local couple were featured all week on Reege and Kelly's annual ``Wedding Week'' after they submitted the most heart-wrenching story of long-delayed nups.
     Seems Louise and Rob, who met in college, have had to deal with numerous obstacles both financial and health-related - Rob's a quadriplegic - on their way to the altar.
     On Monday, another local couple, Angela Collins and Bo Swartwout of Hyannisport, will tie the knot ``Live'' on Valentine's Day to kick off Regis and Kelly's ``Lost Loves Week.''
     The couple, who met as teenagers in the O.C., were apart for more than 14 years after she left California to go to college in New York.
      In the interim, both were married to other people and divorced. They were reunited once before but broke up, only to subsequently decide that they belong together.
      Isn't it romantic?
     WE HEAR:
  • That Reebok is auctioning off a pair of the ``Magic Shoes'' the Canton sneaker czars created for Curt Schilling after he injured his ankle last fall. Such a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the baseball lover! Now Schilling never actually wore the shoes - he opted to stay with his regular cleats - but they are autographed by the Red Sox superhero. So check it out on Proceeds will benefit Schilling's ALS charity.
  • That the Krafts were less than pleased with the cover of the team's inhouse Patriots Football Weekly. It had three Vince Lombardi trophies with the headline, ``Dynasty.'' The Pats' party line has been that the team won't call itself the D-word but if everyone else wants to, it's OK.
  • That Bill Belichick came up with one last perceived insult to motivate the troops before the Super Bowl. He told them someone from the Philadelphia Eagles e-mailed someone from the Red Sox to get advice on planning a victory parade. Who knows if it's really true, but apparently it worked!
  • That some nimrod Philadelphia fan paid $760 on eBay for a bowl of soggy Apple Jacks that had congealed into the shape of the Eagles logo. L.A. radio biggie Ralph Garman, an Eagles fan, bought the sloppy cereal hoping it would bring his team luck in the Super Bowl. How'd that work out for you, Ralph?
  • That Dawn Callahan of Chelmsford and Dee Callorusso of Tewksbury take their skirmish over Dawn's deceased mother's desk before ``Judge Judy'' today. And next week on the ``People's Court,'' Judge Marilyn Milian will settle a Shar-Pei-napping suit between 71-year-old Robert Petrino of Southie and Lucille Wong, a Connecticut dog breeder. Petrino claims Wong sold him the dog, then assaulted him and took it back. They'll tell it to the judge Thursday.
  • And finally, that Joe Andruzzi and Christian Fauria will show off the Vince Lombardi trophy at three elementary schools and the town hall in Foxboro this morning.

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