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Catherine Zeta Jones Unhappy About Documentary

February 13, 2005, 10:18:18
Katherine Zeta Jones


CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is reportedly fuming over a planned TV documentary about her - which will take an uncompromising look at her rise to Hollywood stardom.

British network CHANNEL 5's expose CATHERINE ZETA JONES' SECRETS will show interviews with childhood friends talking about the 35-year-old life in Wales and before married life to MICHAEL DOUGLAS.

A source says, "Catherine probably won't like all the content - some is a little embarrassing."

Last month (JAN05) supermodel KATE MOSS was said to be furious over Channel Five documentary THE TRUTH ABOUT KATE MOSS, which contained allegations about drug use.

** Katherine Zeta Jones Article Continues Below **
** The Katherine Zeta Jones article continues now **

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Catherine Zeta Jones Unhappy About Documentary

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Catherine Zeta Jones Unhappy About Documentary

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