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Tuesday, February, 15, 2005 



Lemurs in love like Hollywood namesakes

Published on 14 February 2005

CATHERINE and Michael are inseparable.

They love to snuggle up together, wherever one goes the other follows and they are excitedly awaiting the birth of their first baby.

Loving lemurs: Cathering & Michael
No, not Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas the glitzy Hollywood couple - Catherine and Michael the endangered mongoose lemurs of course.

Michael the lemur was born in the US and at 18 he is a lot older than six-year-old Catherine who was born at Linton Zoo. Michael was brought to Linton to see if he could still attract the ladies and it seems the old fella still has his climbing and leaping skills.

Age clearly wasn't as important as experience to Catherine - she was impressed by his acrobatics and she keeps him young at heart.

Their relationship blossomed and the couple decided they were ready for the commitment of having a baby, any week now the patter of tiny lemur feet will be heard.

The lemurs have decided not to marry yet - another amazing parallel with their Hollywood counterparts who were not married until they had their first child together.

The mongoose lemur is found in the Northwest of Madagascar and is becoming endangered due to increased logging and infants are often captured for pets.

It is rumoured that the lemurs will not be moving to LA but they will happily support their offspring if they want to go into acting.

You can visit Catherine and Michael at Linton Zoo, Hadstock Road, Linton. (01223) 891308,

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