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by Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer
Posted: February 28, 2005

Official Press Release

This November, Zorro returns to the big screen with an all-new, big- budget motion picture, once again starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Papercutz, the mass-market division of respected graphic novel publisher NBM, has announced plans to publish all-new, full-color comics and graphic novels featuring Zorro.

"The timing is perfect for Zorro's return to comics," said Terry Nantier, Papercutz publisher. "With the excitement being created by the upcoming film, the awareness for Zorro will be at an all time high. Part of the Papercutz philosophy is to produce high quality comics material featuring well-known characters, for the ever-growing tween comics and graphic novel market."

Writer Don McGregor, who has previously written Zorro for both comics (Topps) and comic strips (collected by Image Comics), was the obvious choice to write the new Papercutz series. "Besides contributing Lady Rawhide to the Zorro mythos, Don is great at coming up with deadly new villains to pit against Zorro. In `Scars,'- the title of the first story- we meet Lucifer Trapp and Ripklaw the two latest, and greatest additions to Zorro's colorful Rogues' Gallery," reports Papercutz editor-in-chief Jim Salicrup. "Don's devised all sorts of death traps for Zorro pitting him against both sadistic foes and the uncontrollable forces of nature in the frigid but breath-taking Yellowstone Park. All while Zorro attempts to liberate the beautiful Eulalia Bandini from the clutches of Captain Monasterio."

Artist Sidney Lima's style combines the best elements of many top fan- favorite superhero artists with a manga influence. This is essential in appealing to today's discriminating young comics fans. While maintaining the classic swashbuckling style and humor of Zorro, Lima creates a look for Zorro that is new and contemporary. Creating exciting fresh visuals is a Papercutz priority!

"With the continuing success of manga graphic novels, and such manga- sized paperbacks of popular tie-ins such as "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "Lizzie McGuire," can there be any doubt that Zorro will be major hit?" says Nantier. "While our Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew graphic novels are flying out of the bookstores, the comic book market has been a little slow to realize just how powerful the Papercutz titles really are. With traditional comic book sales still not what they used to be, savvy comic shop owners know that Nancy Drew and Zorro can attract new customers. But it only works if comic shops position our books where potential new customers can see them."

The quarterly Zorro graphic novels will be pre-serialized in comic book form, with the first 32 page, full-color issue coming out in May.

Previews and more info can be found at www.papercutz.com.

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