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Court TV Promotes Series With Bawdy Campaign

Contestant T.J. Meyers
Court TV ups the anti in its efforts to shed its prior, staid image with a double-entendre filled ad campaign for the new crime reality show Impossible Heist. The series pits two teams of ripped six packs and big boobs against each other re-enacting famous crimes for real while attempting to elude capture.

The ad campaign features Catherine Zeta Jones Entrapment cat suit style imagery with the tagline, "Likes to work on all fours;" a woman scaling a building below the headline, "She'd Rather Be Tied Up Than Down" and others with equally sex-laden tags like "It's not the size of the tool, It's how you use it" and "Well hung." The creative will appear on buses, posters, boards, kiosks and other outdoor media.

Bronto Launches Free Trial of Private Label Emarketing Service For Agencies

With analysts predicting an increase in competition for keyword searches and an overall increase in online spending, advertising agencies must be well positioned to offer extended online services to their clients. Instead of simply creating online ads and merely measuring clicks, agencies should become more involved in driving customers to a client’s website and capturing visitor information. Emarketing company Bronto, with its new Agency/Private Label email management product provides agencies the ability to capture leads generated from their client's online campaigns through a subscription to the client's newsletter. This approach provides a new channel for the agency and client to communicate with propects. It also helps agencies provide a more complete service, generate more revenue for both themselves and their clients and provide broader management of its client's online marketing efforts.

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