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OnHD.TV's 10 Ugliest People in HDTV
The online guide also names 10 celebrities who look better in High-Definition TV.
Special to TVPredictions.com

Washington, D.C. (March 16) --
There is no escaping the naked lens of High-Definition TV. The HD picture is so clear that the aging signs and skin imperfections of TV personalities are dramatically visible.

With that in mind, OnHD.TV, a guide to the high-def experience, has released its list of the "10 Ugliest Celebrities in HDTV" -- 10 people who look worse when seen on a crystal-clear high-def picture.

According to OnHD.TV, Cameron Diaz heads the "10 Ugliest" list because of her longstanding problem with acne, which is very noticeable in HDTV, the site says. OnHD.TV also has Michael Douglas and comedian Bill Maher on the "Ugly" list.

OnHD.TV also names the 10 celebrities who look better in HDTV, with tennis star Anna Kournikova and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones topping the list.

To read the OnHD.TV's list of who looks better -- or worse -- in HDTV, click:
10 Ugliest People in HDTV  -30-

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