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Wed 23 Mar 2005
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2:05pm (UK)
Hollywood's Flawed Beauties Exposed by Naked Lens

By Victoria Ward, PA, in New York

Acne-prone Cameron Diaz could become the biggest casualty of high-definition TV, topping a list of celebrities whose flaws cannot be concealed by the harsh lens.

The actress “looks more like Charlie than an angel” according to OnHD.TV which has listed the Hollywood beauties most likely to suffer by the new technology.

HDTV is six times clearer than normal television, meaning beauticians will have to work six times harder to hide every spot and stray hair.

Michael Douglas comes in a close second and the entertainment guide claims being married to Catherine Zeta Jones doesn’t help much either.

“He appears even older when he’s standing next to her,” it declares. “The Wall Street star looks like eight miles of bad road.”

Others who can expect their careers to falter include Britney Spears, who reportedly looks ten years older on HDTV, and Brad Pitt who has some skin problems of his own.

But it’s not all bad news for viewers. HDTV can make those blessed with good looks appear even more beautiful.

Tennis star Anna Kournikova tops the list of those who will benefit from a clear lens, followed by Swansea-born Zeta Jones.

OnHD.TV says she is “absolutely gorgeous” and it shows in high definition.

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