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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Cath's Welsh Monopoly

In the battle of the Welsh beauties, it's hard to say who'd win out of Charlotte Church and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

One's remained faithful to her homeland (to the extent of dating new heart-throb rugby hero Gavin Henson), whilst the other has chosen to make her home thousands of miles away with A-list American husband Michael Douglas.

But the makers of Monopoly are clearly of the opinion that, in the battle of sheer selling power, Catherine Zeta-Jones is a league ahead.

Hence they've chosen Cath's birthplace of Swansea to be the focus of a new Welsh edition of the board game.

Game designer Mark Marriott explained his favouritism to The Sun: "It was a head-to-head between Charlotte and Catherine.

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church

"Charlotte has not issued a record for several years and her lifestyle seems to have gone in a certain direction.

"During that same period Catherine became a mother again, won an Oscar and made a hatful of blockbuster films."

He went on to reveal that in terms of longevity, CZJ pipped Charlotte to the post: "Looking at where they would be in five years, Catherine was a safer bet."

The Welsh version of Monopoly will be out later this year.

Last Updated: 09:27 UK, Wednesday March 30, 2005