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Principal film role for Zeta in Dallas
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SHE'S one of the world's most glamourous actresses, and now Catherine Zeta-Jones may star in the flashiest show of them all - a movie version of TV classic Dallas.
The Welsh stunner is tipped to play Pamela Ewing in the Texan oil family drama, with Brad Pitt reportedly lined up to play her husband Bobby.
Catherine will follow in the footsteps of Victoria Principal, who played the virtuous Pam until she got bored with the part and was written out.
Brad could take over the role of Bobby Ewing from Patrick Duffy - who came back from the dead in the final series of Dallas, which ran for 13 years from 1978.
Catherine and Brad teamed up in Ocean's Twelve and are expected to join forces again when the Dallas movie begins filming later this year.
Dallas screenwriter Robert Harling said: "We want to make a big, all-star, flashy, go-for-it version of the TV series.
"The story starts with Bobby and Pam meeting and getting married. It is reinventing the Ewing family as if they exist in 2006, when the movie comes out."