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Let's not ask who shot JR, but follow the Daily Mail's lead and ask if Catherine Zeta-Jones is the new Pam Ewing.

It seems after pillaging every 1970s TV cop series known to man, Hollywood scriptwriters are planning to bring 1980s nouveau riche pout-fest Dallas to the big screen, which MegaStar kindly informed you of months ago.

And as Daily Mail readers are still plugging for valley girl Catherine Zeta-Jones since she charmed their soppy socks off in The Darling Buds Of May, the paper reckons she's dead-set to play Pam Ewing.

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“Filling Victoria Principal's considerable shoulder pads could be Catherine Zeta Jones's most demanding role yet,” they exclaim, without a hint of sarcasm.

Other A-list names the Mail are banding about with very little authority, include Brad Pitt as Bobby Ewing, Melanie Griffith as Sue Ewing and Burt Reynolds as JR.

However, not everyone is excited about Catherine's possible casting.

“I think it's very risky,” Stuart Neumann of The Original Dallas Fan Club tells the Mail.

“How someone from Wales is going to convince the fans she is Texan I don't know.”

Isn't oil-digging very similar to digging up old relics?

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