Maria Shriver wants Arnold home

Zeta-Jones heads south ... Clancy puts his money where his eyes are.

By Press-Telegram wire reports

California first lady Maria Shriver said Friday that having her husband serving as governor was hard on their family and that she would prefer to see Arnold Schwarzenegger "back home' instead of making a run for president.

"While I was always raised to believe that public service is the most noble calling, it's all-encompassing," Shriver said on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." "And it's tough, if you have young children. And it's a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week job. I want him home."

Appearing on the show alongside her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Shriver repeated several times that if she had her way, Schwarzenegger would devote more time to his family life and less to his public life.

Asked what she thought about the possibility of her Austria-born husband seeking the U.S. presidency if the Constitution were amended to allow it, for example, Shriver was unequivocal.

"I want him back home, actually," she said.

When Winfrey, a friend of Shriver's, followed up by asking, "You want him home?" Shriver responded: "I want him back."

The first lady also offered a light-hearted glimpse into Schwarzenegger's style as a husband and father. One of Schwarzenegger's pet peeves, she said, is having clothes and shoes put away. He has called from the Capitol to check whether the children have done their laundry and hidden clothes or thrown them in the fireplace if they were not in their proper place when he returned.

TV to big screen

Catherine Zeta-Jones has signed on to star in the big-screen version of the classic TV show "Dallas," reports IMDB.com. Producers are refusing to confirm Brad Pitt as her co-star.

The Oscar-winning beauty will play wholesome Pamela Ewing in the Texan oil drama, which originally ran for 13 years beginning in 1978. Her "Ocean's Twelve' co-star Pitt is also expected to join her in the movie, which begins filming later this year.

Screenwriter Robert Harling says, "The story starts with Bobby and Pam meeting and getting married. It is reinventing the Ewing family as if they exist in 2006 when the movie comes out. We want to make a big, all-star, flashy, go-for-it version of the TV series."

Budget trouble

Elton John and the U.S. government have something in common: They're both operating under huge deficits.

While the "I'm Still Standing' singer may not be personally broke, his business is more than $50 million in the hole, reports E!Online.

But a rep for the iconic performer who has shaken up his inner circle lately by firing longtime publicist Barbara Charone and manager of five years Derek MacKillop denied John is having money issues.

"This does not affect his personal wealth," the rep said. "He has three films on the go, two theater shows, a big photographic exhibition and he paid out for his tours so he is waiting to get a lot of the money back."

Big do nation

Author Tom Clancy, who reaped millions from blockbusters such as "Patriot Games' and "The Hunt for Red October," wants people to see life a little more clearly.

To that end, he has donated $2 million to fund a professorship in ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The first doctor to hold the seat being funded by Clancy's donation, Dr. Terrence P. O'Brien, has treated the writer, who was diagnosed in 2001 with pathological myopia. The rare type of nearsightedness, in which the eyeball continues to elongate, can lead to profound vision loss.

Another year older

Actor Harry Morgan ("Dragnet," "M.A.S.H."), 90 … Actor Max von Sydow, 76 … Actress Liz Sheridan ("Seinfeld"), 76 … Actor Omar Sharif, 73 … Reggae artist Bunny Wailer, 58 … Actor Steven Seagal, 54 … Singer Terre Roche of The Roches, 52 … Actor Peter MacNicol, 51 … Bassist Steven Gustafson of 10,000 Maniacs, 48 … Singer-producer Babyface, 47 … Musician Brian Setzer, 46 … Rapper Afrika Bambaataa, 45 … Drummer Tim "Herb' Alexander of Primus, 40 … Comedian Orlando Jones, 37 … Singer Kenny Lattimore, 35 … Blues singer Shemekia Copeland, 26 … Actor Ryan Merriman ("The Pretender"), 22 … Singer-actress Mandy Moore, 21 … Actor Haley Joel Osment ("The Sixth Sense"), 17.

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