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April 12, 2005 - 15:51

Halle Berry tops list for best waist and hips in celeb fitness poll

NEW YORK (AP) - It must be saying something when a poll ranks a cartoon character's waist and hips as more admirable than Queen Latifah's. And, no, not Elmer Fudd.

Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, beat out Latifah by one per cent in a survey by fitness website Oo, that waskawy wabbit.

Topping the list of celebs was Halle Berry, with 41 per cent of the 3,424 respondents saying the actress had the best waist and hips. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Beyonce ranked second and third, followed by Jessica Rabbit and Latifah.

The survey did have more relevant information, including that 85 per cent of respondents consider it very important to have a trimmer waistline

"This is a big deal and it should be, as the waistline affects everything from clothing options to self-esteem to one's overall health and wellness," Raphael Calzadilla, chief fitness pro at, said in a statement.

Just don't call it a "jelly belly." Twenty-eight per cent of the respondents don't like that nickname for the midsection, while 24 per cent were annoyed by the term "love handles."

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