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Banderas in Bordertown Apr. 27, 2005
Source: The Hollywood Reporter by: Omar Aviles

Antonio Banderas news article pic Antonio Banderas has joined Jennifer Lopez in the indie thriller BORDERTOWN. The film, under director Gregory Nava, who previously directed Lopez in SELENA and who'll direct Banderas in the Disney film ZAPATA, tells the story of a journalist who investigates a series of murders near some US-owned factories at the US-Mexico border. This is the first time that these two Latino "estrellas" have "actuado" in a "pelicula" together. You dig? That's right, I speak the "Espaņol". And quite fluently, I might add. I'm also ruggedly handsome, more chiseled than a Da Vinci sculpture and can fashion a functional airplane using a matchbox, two toothpicks and a can of WD40. How do you like them apples? Sorry, I've been watching a little too much "Project Greenlight" so I just had a "I think I'm Matt Damon" moment there.

More importantly, though, Banderas can next be seen making babies with Catherine Zeta Jones in THE LEGEND OF ZORRO and Lopez can next be seen going at it with Jane Fonda in the rom com MONSTER-IN-LAW.

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C'mon Hollywood #58 Bean et al climb Hill


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