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Appeal ruling due in Zeta-Jones wedding photo case
Tue May 17, 2005 4:47 PM BST
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LONDON (Reuters) - A High Court judge will rule on Wednesday in the drawn-out legal battle waged by Hollywood power couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas over a magazine's use of unauthorised photographs of their wedding.

Hello! is appealing against a finding that it invaded the couple's privacy by using the photographs and against the damages awarded to the couple and rival magazine OK! which did an exclusive deal to carry the wedding pictures.

Hello! printed surreptitious pictures of the pair's star-studded 2000 wedding while official shots appeared in OK!, which had signed a one million pound deal with the couple.

Hello! was forced to pay OK! the million pounds and a mere 14,600 pounds to the couple.

During a High Court hearing at which the couple gave evidence, Zeta-Jones said she considered the Hello! pictures "sleazy".

But British newspapers revelled in mocking Zeta-Jones's complaints that the unauthorised photos were unflattering because they showed her while eating.

One headline called the Oscar winner "Catherine Eater-Jones".

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