Tom Jones

Tom Jones

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Oh Boyo! Welsh And Proud

O Boyo: Welsh And Proud

Tom Jones been belting out hit after hit for nearly FIVE decades, but has never sung a note in his own town.

That is, until this weekend, when the veteran rocker makes a triumphant return to Pontypridd.

Tom has been seen as naff - but now, as he gears himself up for the gig at town's Ynysangharad Park, he has never, ever been cooler.

"I've been flying the Welsh flag for years, so it's great to be coming home," gushes Tom.

In fact, just being Welsh is cool at the moment, with the country providing some of the biggest and best names in British music and cinema.

What about Channel 4's ultra-hunky Steve Jones, the most charismatic interviewer on the box and certainly the sexiest?

Just ask Pamela Anderson, who he wowed when she was in the UK recently!

He apparently emerged from her hotel room the next day and the pair have remained firm friends ever since.

Actor Rhys Ifans is tipped for the very top at Hollywood after his hilarious breakthrough as Hugh Grant's sleazy flatmate in Notting Hill.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

He won critical acclaim recently in America for his brilliant portrayal of late comedian Peter Cook in Not Only But Always - and also has a reputation for his party animal ways.

Rhys could be joining another Welsh star as one of Hollywood's biggest draws - Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Now she's A-list as they come; with a movie hunk hubby and a string of hit films under her own belt to boot.

And the best thing about humble CZJ is that she still remembers her roots in Mumbles near Swansea.

As does woman-of-the-moment Charlotte Church...

The girl has vowed never to leave hometown Cardiff because she'd miss her 'nana' too much... which may prove difficult as her new pop singing career gets underway. At least rugby boyf Gavin Henson's also local...

Hornblower actor Ioan Gruffudd is also becoming a major star after first making his name in Titanic alongside Leo DiCaprio.

He has reportedly been on the shortlist for the new Bond... and with those smouldering clean-cut looks, he'd be perfect as the first Welsh Bond. Check out our gallery of these and other famous Welshies.

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