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08 June 2005

Is Catherine Zeta Jones Too Sexy?

Musical_stageCatherine Zeta Jones (DVDs) was turned down a role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Aspects of Love some years back. Zeta Jones wanted to play the female lead of Rose Vibert in the show, but she was considered too sexy.

In the musical,  the character of Rose is rejected by Alex Dillingham, but director Trevor Nunn realised that no one in their right mind would turn her down, because she is just way too beautiful.

The Sun quoted Nunn as saying to Webber: "The entire audience of red-blooded men will be saying: 'Go on Alex,  give her one'!"

Well, who knew that the audiences of musicals were so eager to see live sex shows on stage. Also, who knew that there was such a thing as being too beautiful for a part?

Catherine Zeta Jones was undeniably sexy up until after Entrapment, and then somehow after marrying Michael Douglas (DVDs) she suddenly seemed to age about six years.

Whatever happened to that sexy Welsh actress? Was it the kid she had, did she not battle losing the weight hard enough, or was it because she was mothering Michael Douglas? In Chicago, she made Renee Zellweger (DVDs) look like a wooden toothpick, though to be fair a wooden toothpick would make Renee Zellweger look like a wooden toothpick these days.

Is Catherine Zeta still sexy? It’s hard to know - she has not been in the limelight as much recently, but she has four films on the way, most notably The Legend of Zorro and Smoke & Mirrors

So it’s agreeable that Zeta Jones was too sexy at 20, but what if she would audition for the role now, she would admittedly be a little too old for the part, but would she be un-sexy enough?

Is Catherine Zeta Jones still sexy like she was in Entrapment? Talk amongst yourselves.

[story by Carl Allegard]


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solo puedo decir que es una mujer mas que hermosa, es decir ya no mas hay palabras para seguir amando y admirando ojala pudiera tener una foto firmada por ella el cual seria como tenerla en mi presencia siempre, con todo el respeto que se merece.

octavio mouthon juarez

Wild stab: Pixies lyrics??

Dudes cmon catherine zeta jones wil always be the uk's sexiest woman, an not just because of her amazing looks. she can act an dance an sing, yet shes grounded and welsh (!). in chicago she oozed sex appeal, even with a bobbed wig. so its a fact that, yeh shes had kids, but she is the woman all us men really want to not only get off with, but live with. i love her an wouldn't have turned her down for MY musical...

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