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Comics : News Last Updated: Jun 29th, 2005 - 09:50:38

August is Zorro Month!
By The Editor
Jun 9, 2005, 09:01

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ZORRO Graphic Novel #1


An epic Zorro adventure, featuring deadly battles with fierce new foes and intense romance with a mysterious beauty, all set against the savage landscape of the untamed wilds of the Old West. Zorro is risking all to find safe haven for Eulalia Bandini, a woman who dared defied the all-powerful Capitan Monasterio to save him. But no matter how far north Zorro and Eulalia ride, Monasterio and his men are not far behind. To complicate matters, Zorro stops to save Thierry and Amelie Besson, a middle-aged mapmaker and his wife, from the clutches of the cadaverous Ripklaw. But Ripklaw and his master, Lucifer Trapp, are as relentless in their quest to kill Zorro’s new friends, as Monasterio is to capture Eulalia! Discover the shocking reason why Trapp wants Besson dead! See the romantic tension increase between Zorro and Eulalia when she discovers Zorro’s most-guarded secret! See Zorro battling all along the breath-taking yet deadly beauty of Mother Nature! It all builds to a stunning climax in which Zorro battles Ripklaw to the death on an ice bridge, while an earthquake threatens to kill everyone! Plus: a preview of the next Zorro graphic novel from Papercutz.

5x 7 ˝", 96pp., full color graphic novel, paperback, $7.95, ISBN 1-59707-016-5

Also in collector’s edition hardcover! $12.95, ISBN 1-59707-017-3



"Drownings!" Part One of Three


Perfect jumping on point for new readers with an all-new story!

Near the Yellowstone River, a young couple, Malena Fellini and Burt Douglas, are on the run in a field of huge buffalo. A gunshot rips the air and one of the gigantic bison they are running past spurts blood! LOCKSPUR has taken aim, and the killing of the huge buffalo, crashing at the young lovers' feet is only a taunting message that he intends to take one of them alive! Meanwhile, Zorro and Eulalia Bandini are BURIED ALIVE when they plunge into an icy chasm that threatens to become their glacial coffin! It’s non-stop action, featuring one of the greatest heroes of all-time, in a special low-priced issue! Be sure to have enough in stock for when "The Legend of Zorro," starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is released!

Monthly comic book, 24 pp., full color, ONLY 99 CENTS!

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