It’s All the Douglas-Zeta-Jones’ Fault

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20050620douglaszetajones.jpgIf we’re reading David Carr right — and, to be fair, we’re not at all sure we are — Tom and Katie gave a press conference immediately after getting engaged because Michael and Catherine sold the rights to their wedding pictures to a British gossip mag a few years ago.

Celebrities who for years watched as their hook-ups, both real and imagined, fueled dozens of magazines and televisions shows are figuring out that the right two hearts beating in unison can sound an awful lot like a cash register. …

It may have been Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones who touched off the new paradigm when they sold the rights to their wedding photographs for more than $1 million to OK! magazine, only to have a rival British magazine, Hello!, publish unauthorized photos. …

As the game has changed, stars have begun to play ball subtly, trotting out their baby for an exclusive so the rest of the digital hyenas will give it a rest.”

And “trotting out their baby for an exclusive” is equal to “making a jackass of yourself about how much you’re in love.”

That is, if we’re still following.

I’m in Love. Why Shouldn’t I Be Paid? [NYT]

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