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Keira Knightley hottest actress

June 22, 2005, 11:23:10   English deutscher
Keira Knightley

'Pirates Of The Caribbean' beauty Keira Knightley has topped a poll of Britain's hottest acting talent.

The 20-year-old actress beat off tough competition from Kate Winslet and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who finished second and third, to scoop top spot in the annual survey by movie bible 'British Film'.

Hugh Grant was voted top male star on the list - known as the 'Thermal Top 30' - which also included Orlando Bloom and Jude Law.

Despite being hailed best British actress, Keira recently confessed she had to beg to get the role in her latest movie.

The sexy star, who plays a down-on-her-luck woman in psychological thriller 'The Jacket', claims she was initially shunned after trying to get an audition for the part.

She revealed: "The director didn't want me for the part He thought I was completely wrong But I begged him, 'Please let me read, because otherwise I'm going to be stuck in corsets for the next 20 years'".

** Keira Knightley Article Continues Below **
** The Keira Knightley article continues now **

And although she is now recognised as Britain's top acting talent Keira is to set up home in Los Angeles with boyfriend Jamie Dornan. .

A source revealed: "Keira and Jamie are both being offered lots of movie projects She felt it was the right time to buy a Hollywood property so she could have a permanent base there".

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