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In 1978 a TV show debuted on CBS that was set to rock the world for the next 13 years. That show was of course 'Dallas' and became the most successful show in television history. Now Dallas is about to rock the world once again as Dallas the Movie will soon begin production with Hollywood stars taking on the roles of the Ewing family



When will the movie hit the screens? - Late 2003- Early 2004

Who is producing the movie? - David Jacobs and Michael Costigan

Which studio is backing the movie? Twentieth Century Fox

Who is writing this movie - Robert Harling (Steel Magnolias)

Will the show star the original cast? No, this movie will bring Dallas up to date with major movie stars taking on the roles of the Ewing family.

Will the movie be serious or a camped up version?

According to David Jacobs the movie will be a serious take on the Ewing family.

Where will the movie be shot?

In Dallas and at Southfork Ranch

What information do have so far about this project?

The movie will focus on the Ewing family but bring in current issues. It has been stated the Ewing's may no longer be involved in Oil but perhaps a new Energy commodity. Characters such as Jock, JR, Sue Ellen, Lucy, Cliff, Ellie, Digger ,Pamela, and Bobby will be brought to the big screen. Jacobs has stated the character of Ellie will be updated and perhaps glamorized. The women will be shown to struggle within the family unit and JR's famous 1981 shooting could be reenacted on the big screen. Names such as Kevin Costner have been thrown around to play JR Ewing.

Who would you like to see play the characters? Join in the forum to discuss it.


Dallas Movie Casting
Casting for the movie is underway, and we will all see a "surprise cast."
Casting will be confirmed before the final draft of the script is written
Updated: 12th July 2005

Catherine Zeta Jones
Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones is reportedly set to play Pamela Ewing in a movie adaptation of the 1980s TV series "Dallas."

John Travolta as JR
John Travolta is rumored to be playing the role of JR Ewing. This has yet to be confirmed but he is a strong contender.

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David Jacobs
Dallas Movie producer - David Jacobs took your questions in our exclusive interview. Find out what he had to say.
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