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July 25, 2005 Updates
-International ‘Zorro’ trailer now available in Quicktime
With only three months until its release, fans can expect the excitement around the long-awaited “Legend of Zorro” to ramp up in the weeks ahead. If you haven’t seen it yet, the international trailer for the film should go a long way to whetting your appetite for adventure. The trailer is now available in crystal clear Quicktime in small, medium and large sizes at Apple's Quicktime movie trailer site.

“The Legend of Zorro,” which re-teams “Mask of Zorro’s” Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, will hit theaters on October 28.

May 10, 2005 Updates
-New ‘Legend of Zorro’ teaser one sheets

Following the release of the action-packed teaser trailer last week, Sony Pictures has issued two teaser one sheets for this October’s “The Legend of Zorro.” Take a gander at the character posters below featuring Antonio Banderas as Zorro and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena Murrieta.

"Legend of Zorro" one sheet  "Legend of Zorro" one sheet

May 4, 2005 Updates
-‘Legend of Zorro’ teaser trailer now online
No time for commentary on my behalf, but I couldn’t let this go without giving our readers the heads up. Swashbuckle your way over to Yahoo! Movies and check out the exciting, humorous first trailer for “The Legend of Zorro.”

The long-awaited sequel to the Spielberg-produced 1998 hit film will open in theaters this October 28.

[NOTE: Release date info corrected from error in original article. Sorry for the misinformation.]

March 19, 2005 Updates

-‘Legend of Zorro’ teaser poster sneak peak online
The Latino Review was lucky enough to attend this past week’s ShoWest trade convention, where they got an image of the teaser poster for this October’s “Legend of Zorro.” It’s a fairly predictable poster, with the masked crusader’s trademark “Z,” but it’s cool none-the-less due to how the “Z” is presented.

See it here at the Latino Review.

March 6, 2005 Updates
-New ‘Legend of Zorro’ stills
The Latino Review has a couple of new stills from the upcoming “The Legend of Zorro,” including a nifty action picture where the masked marauder takes on two foes at once. Check out the stills here.

“The Legend of Zorro” was originally scheduled for a September release this year, yet Sony (the film’s distributor) has since pushed the film back to October 28, 2005.

May 27, 2004 Updates
-Banderas unmasks July 26 production start for 'Zorro' sequel
Source: JoBlo,, Dark Horizons, Coming Soon
The man in the hat may not be rushing back to the big screen anytime soon, but the man behind the mask is racing forward into production this early summer.

Previous word was that the belated sequel to the 1998 Amblin hit "The Mask of Zorro" would start production this spring, but star Antonio Banderas has now confirmed production would begin in Mexico on July 26 (another source at contradicts this and claims production will actually start earlier on June 22.)

As Banderas previously told the press, he will be reprising his dual role as Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro and he will be joined by returning co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones (in her second Amblin production this year) as his bride Elena.

Despite previous reports that Anthony Hopkins would be returning (SPOILER: as a “supernatural element”) Banderas now reports that Hopkins will not be returning for the sequel.

Banderas also reaffirms that the film will be “a little bit more mature” than the first time out. He adds that the themes in the film are “based in jealousy and concepts that are more for us than for kids” which may be an interesting clue into the plot of the film. What would Zorro be jealous of? The affections of another beau toward his lovely wife perhaps?

As previously reported, director Martin Campbell will be returning to guide Zorro through his adventures while Dark Horizons confirms that the original film’s cinematographer Phil Meheux will return to lens the picture.

January 9, 2004 Updates
-Rumored 'Zorro' sequel title leaked?
Source: Coming Soon
Movie fansite Coming Soon got word from a scooper that "a worker at Sony Studios [said that] Zorro 2 will be titled 'The Return of Zorro'."

When the sequel was in scripting stages by the original film's writers Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, the working title for the script was "Zorro Unmasked," but last word from director Martin Campbell back in November of 2003 saw the film titled as the more appealing "The Legend of Zorro."

Either way, Zorro will return in the summer of 2005 as production will begin on the sequel in Mexico this April. "The Mask of Zorro" stars Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins (yes, he will return!) all reprise their roles for the sequel with enough rumored names to choke Zorro's horse.

November 10, 2003 Updates
-Banderas enthuses over 'Zorro 2' script; Hopkins to return!
Source: USA Today
Antonio Banderas talked with USA Today about 2005's "The Mask of Zorro" sequel, "The Legend of Zorro."

"The script is fantastic," Banderas told USA Today. "Way better than the first one. Everyone will be back — Steven Spielberg, director Martin Campbell, Catherine Zeta-Jones."

It's a good sign if Banderas feels the script is "better than the first one", since, in my estimation, Terry Rossio, Ted Elliott and John Eskow's original screenplay was a lot of fun.

The kicker bit of information from the short USA Today article is in which Banderas revealed one returning cast member that has so far been unmentioned in the limited press for the gestating project.

The original Zorro, Don Diego, played by Anthony Hopkins will return, Obi-Wan like from the sounds of it. "[Don Diego] has a lot more to tell me. It has a supernatural element," Banderas said.

"The Legend of Zorro" (a title which was off-handedly revealed by director Martin Campbell in a Washington Times article) is slated to be released in early 2005.

November 5, 2003 Updates
-'The Mask of Zorro 2' racing forward into production!
Source: Variety
Trade paper Variety has officially confirmed what the director and cast of "The Mask of Zorro" have been promising for weeks: "The Mask of Zorro 2" (also rumored to be called "Zorro Unmasked") is definitely heading into production early next year!

Martin Campbell will be back as director and Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (currently filming Steven Spielberg's "The Terminal") return as co-stars. New to the franchise are writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman ("Alias") who are taking over scripting duties from Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio and John Eskow.

The film, according to director Campbell, will shoot in Mexico in the late spring for a 2005 release.

October 11, 2003 Updates
-'The Mask of Zorro' director Campbell returns for upcoming sequel!
Source: Latino Review, New Zealand Herald
All signs are pointing to "yes" on the belated sequel to the 1998 Amblin Entertainment hit "The Mask of Zorro" as in the last six months Steven Spielberg and star Antonio Banderas have talked up the property and now, director Martin Campbell has confirmed his involvement.

While speaking with the Latino Review, Campbell said "we're going to be doing The Mask of Zorro 2. Antonio (Banderas) is already on board."

Whether or not Zorro's beautiful bride Elena would be portrayed again by the equally beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones, as far as Campbell was concerned at the time of the interview, was up in the air: "We're in talks at the moment to bring Catherine back. We'll see."

Great news came through this weekend, however, as Zeta-Jones confirmed her interest in doing another "Zorro" film.

"Maybe we're doing another 'Zorro.' We're getting a script ready," Jones told the New Zealand Herald, adding that she has told Amblin Entertainment "Please do it before we all get old and we can't even hold up our swords!"

If things are still on track for the March-April 2004 production start that Antonio Banderas mentioned to the Latino Review back in August, it looks like the planets may align. Campbell has the film scheduled for his next shoot, Banderas only has voice work on "Shrek 2" on his (announced) roster and Zeta-Jones will be free from shooting Spielberg's "The Terminal" easily by the year's end.

August 31, 2003 Updates
-Work moving ahead on ZORRO 2

Source: The Latino Review
A sequel to the 1998 hit "The Mask of Zorro" sure has been a longtime coming and last year it looked like it wasn't going to happen (if an alleged quote in a Polish newspaper from star Antonio Banderas stating that he would not be a part of further adventures was to be believed). All signs are pointing to a sure thing, now, as Spielberg and now Banderas have enthusiastically talked up plans for the second adventure.

The man behind the mask himself recently talked with fansite The Latino Review about plans on the yet unnamed sequel and the following quote is quite intriguing as to Spielberg's plans for the story of the new film:

"LR: You spoke earlier about "Zorro 2," what’s the plot to the sequel?

Antonio: That’s ["Zorro"] another landmark actually in my career, and to work with Steven Spielberg is not that bad. [Laughs] I had a great time when I shot the first one. Steven Spielberg came to the theater [Antonio is in a Broadway play called "Nine"] like several weeks ago and said to me “We want to do different approach to Zorro this time, we want to make more of an adult movie, and we are going to talk about more of the human stuff, there’s going to be a big issue with the General in the second part, and more of the relationship between you and your wife” and of course there’s going to be stunts and all that stuff but they are going to make the film a little bit more deeper than the first one was, and I thought that was an interesting approach instead of going for the popcorn straight forward, they wanted to do something a little more complex than that. I thought that was interesting too.

LR: When are you going to start filming and where?

Antonio: If everything goes as planed we will begin filming at the end of March beginning of April. We will probably start shooting in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico."

With that schedule, its safe to assume the film could be pushed to premiere during the Christmas season in 2004 (unlikely), or more realistically it could be held for the mad rush 2005 summer box-office (along with Spielberg productions "Indiana Jones IV" and "Jurassic Park IV," not to mention the last "Star Wars" film ever!)

July 15, 2003 Updates
-'Zorro' to ride again after all!
Source: AP
Despite quotes late last year from actor Antonio Banderas stating his lack of interest in being involved in a sequel to the 1998 Spielberg-produced hit "The Mask of Zorro," Banderas has confirmed that a sequel is finally going into production in a new AP article.

Banderas revealed that the film is a go to the Television Critics Association when he announced that he will be returning to Mexico to shoot the sequel, which is slated to begin production in February 2004.

Steven Spielberg mentioned last year that the sequel was still a viable property, despite Banderas previous denials. Good to see Banderas was influenced to reconsider.




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