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Is Zeta 'too Welsh' to play Wonder Woman?

Aug 5 2005

Karen Price, Western Mail


SHE'S only 35 years of age and considered by many to be in her prime, but Catherine Zeta-Jones has been branded "too old" to play the part of Wonder Woman.

But it could be deemed a case of sour grapes as the comments have come from original Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter.

Lynda has also labelled 40-something Speed actress Sandra Bullock as too over-the-hill to portray the superhero.

But Lynda, who recently celebrated her 54th birthday, has said that she would like to have a role herself in the forthcoming Hollywood adaptation of the '70s TV show.

However, she admits the leading character should be played by 'someone fresh'.

"I think it should be an unknown (actress) and about 20 years old. People have talked about Sandra Bullock - she's too old and so is Catherine Zeta-Jones," Lynda told reporters in Los Angeles.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon is behind the Hollywood adaptation of Wonder Woman, which is due to be filmed next year.

Western Mail film critic Gary Slaymaker says Catherine Zeta-Jones is certainly not too old for the role, although he does not think the Oscar-winning Swansea actress would be right to play Wonder Woman.

"Catherine Zeta-Jones is just not American enough," he said.

"Ioan Gruffudd just about got away with playing an American icon in Fantastic Four but it would be pushing it a little to have another Welsh star play another superhero.

"Wonder Woman is a major feminist icon as well as an American icon and she's up there with Superman and Batman as far as comic book heroes go. Therefore, I think that an American actress would be ideal for the role."

But Slaymaker said age should not really make a difference.

"At 35 she's still young enough, but Joss Whedon is probably after a younger actress to play Wonder Woman as he wants to take her right back to the early days."

The OC's Mischa Barton and Tom Cruise's fiancee Katie Holmes are said to be among Whedon's prime candidates for the 2007 release.

But Slaymaker believes that Eliza Dushku, who played Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, would be ideal for the role.

"They would obviously need a dark-haired actress to play the part as Wonder Woman is known for being a brunette."

If a British actress is cast as Wonder Woman then he believes that Underworld star Kate Beckinsale would suit the role more than Zeta-Jones, even though she's only a few years younger.

"I think Kate looks more fresh faced whereas Catherine is much more womanly."

When the hugely popular Wonder Woman series was broadcast on TV in 1975, it had been the third attempt to bring it to the small screen. The first was an unaired pilot from the '60s and the next was an unsuccessful mid '70s movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby as a blonde Wonder Woman.

Finally, in 1975, Lynda Carter was perfectly cast as the Amazonian princess who leaves the island of Themyscira to fight for justice in a man's world.

The first season took place during the Second World War with Wonder Woman fighting the Nazis.

The second season updated the Wonder Woman mythos to modern times.

The series only lasted three seasons but proved to be a cult hit thanks to reruns.

And little girls everywhere harboured secret dreams to be the superhero.


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