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‘Provocative Woman’ from Elizabeth Arden

Gorgeous new Oriental fragrance, ‘Provocative Woman’ from Elizabeth Arden, is embodied by Catherine Zeta-Jones, in an advertising campaign proclaiming ‘Make Men Melt’. La Zeta-Jones is featured standing in a river of water in a stunning black couture corset dress in the streets of Rome.

No longer can we sing, "It’s Raining Men". Now, the streets are awash with melting men as provocative women spray on fragrance and reduce their lesser-halves to tears. Amazonian goddesses and movie stars in designer Italian garb proclaim their strength-in-femininity in many ways, but surely the best has to be in power. And sensuality is power.

I tried the fragrance on myself, to see a) how it smelled and b) its effects on others. Would men melt? Well, at first sniff it was quite spicy and exotic smelling. Later, notes of flowers came through, orchid and freesias. But how did others find it? The girls at work said, Mmm what’s that nice smell? And I’m sure the guy at the bookshop smiled at me. I didn’t need a mop but I’m no Zeta-Jones. I would have been happy with a little dampness though. At least I didn't get any drips.

Still, I love it and that, at the end of the day, is the Main Thing. I’d group this fragrance in the spicy stronger scents that I’ve had like Samsara and Vivienne Westwood and Paloma Picasso; not for the faint hearted. Whilst it suits all ages, I wouldn’t say it’s an ideal My First Perfume for teens. Far too sexy. Perfect after a break-up as a gift and a great engagement present though.

The Structure of the Fragrance
The fragrance is a contrasted oriental inspired by the allure of Elizabeth Arden spokesperson, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Catherine says, "The fragrance is sensual and seductive. I love the reaction our new fragrance gets!” The structure of the fragrance evolves around exotic and unusual ingredients. It contains a white sand accord that is a world-premiere in perfumery and that was created exclusively for Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman.

The promise
Exotic chilled Quince combines with the scents of Water Lotus and Ginger Lily to incite the senses.
The action
The captivating medley of Midnight Orchid, Papaya Blossom and Pink Freesia exhilarates the emotions.
The fulfillment
The modern floral sophistication yields to the unusual warmth of White Sand, Red Amber and Hinoki Wood in an ultimate fusion of desire and sensuality.

Inspired by the curve of a woman’s back, the Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman bottle features a dramatic sweeping arch and an aubergine highlight.

Advertising Concept – “Men will melt”

The creative concept for the Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman launch is a fantasy. With the TV campaign we celebrate a woman’s ability to mesmerize men with her beauty. A woman’s ability to reduce men from practical, rational individuals to “pools of water” is captured in a charming, witty manner that is consistent with the Elizabeth Arden brand position. Our print advertisement celebrates our heroine when she has clearly displayed her ability to “make men melt”. Photographed by Steven Klein, Catherine Zeta-Jones is “larger than life,” unmistakably beautiful in her own unique fashion.

The Lineup
Eau de Parfum Spray 30 ml $79.00
50 ml $99.00
100 ml $129.00
Body Lotion 200 ml $69.00
Bath & Shower Gel 200 ml $59.00
Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman is available at Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide mid September 2004
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