War Of The Roses Remake With Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta Jones! - August 7th 2005

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Michael Douglas is considering remaking his 1980's divorce movie "War of the Roses".

Apparently Douglas will again star, but this time Kathleen Turner is set to be replaced by Catherine Zeta Jones! Here's what Moviehole report Zeta Jones as saying about the remake:

"I like working with Michael, as I bounce off him really well and it adds another dimension to audiences as we really are married. It's one of my all-time favourite movies and we both have ideas on how the script can be explored in a new direction. We hope to get the project up and running next spring".

I'm sorry but this movie is just a little too young to be remade. Besides if they were gonna remake it they really should get some one younger than Douglas to play Zeta Jone's husband! I don't care if it adds extra realism to the movie because they're married in real life, Douglas is still too old!

Join us in the forum to discuss what the hell they could possibly do to this movie to justify it being remade!

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