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Wed 10 Aug 2005
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11:51am (UK)
Zeta Jones set for TV golf contest

Catherine Zeta Jones and her husband Michael Douglas are on opposing sides in a celebrity version of the Ryder Cup.

The Welsh beauty has been confirmed to play on Colin Montgomerie's European team on the Sky One show.

Douglas' US side will be captained by Mark O'Meara, and has Hollywood stud Rob Lowe on board.

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last update 8:40am (UK)
Stars are out at World Music Awards
'Death film' probed by Rory police
Police investigate 'death' film
Thousands mourn Iraq stampede dead
Leader tours constituency
Briton kidnapped by Taliban rebels
Clooney unveils new film in Venice
Pfeiffer stranded after car stolen
Lord Donaldson dies suddenly at 84
1,500 police bid to stop looting
New bird flu death in Vietnam
Typhoon Talim kills one, injures 24
Mother quizzed over baby fire death
UK engineer snatched in Afghanistan
Rape pledge on hold in pilot scheme
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