Catherine is greeted as she arrives for a day's sailing off the coast of Greece. This time next year the actress will likely be heading for the mountains of Canada
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The couple have added to their extensive property portfolio with the purchase of a waterfront plot just minutes from the ski slopes of Mount Tremblant in Quebec. They intend building a luxurious bolthole on the site

11 AUGUST 2005

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Making holiday plans must prove something of a conundrum for Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas. With homes in New York, Wales, Bermuda, Los Angeles and Majorca, the Tinseltown couple are spoilt for choice whenever they decide they want to get away from it all for a few days.

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And this time next year the pair will have even more options at their disposal, having just snapped up a waterfront property in Quebec. The glamorous couple are planning to build a luxurious bolthole on the land which is located just minutes from the ski slopes of Mount Tremblant in French-speaking Canada.

Having agreed the purchase of their new mountain retreat, Catherine and Michael are currently unwinding with a holiday in Greece. Despite their impressive property portfolio, the two A-listers have opted to head for pastures new by taking a break in the Mediterranean country.

The Welsh actress, who was sporting a zebra-print dress and white sunhat, was snapped boarding a luxurious yacht with her hubby.

The couple are believed to have sold their property in the exclusive US ski resort of Aspen because they found the Canadian destination, with its beautiful lakes and forests, more appealing. "Last Autumn they chartered a helicopter to scout for a location," revealed estate agent Michael Clark. "They zeroed in on Lac Desmarais, which once belonged to a Franciscan order of monks and has remained relatively untouched."

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