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Zeta and Douglas Retreat to Canada
2005-08-13 11:50:22
Hollywood couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are have invested a staggering sum on a rural site in Quebec, Canada - which they plan to turn into a luxurious ski retreat.

The actors-turned-property moguls already have luxury homes in New York City, Los Angeles, Wales, Bermuda and the Spanish island of Majorca, but they have since fallen in love with an idyllic rural residence near ski-ing mecca Mont Tremblant.

Estate agent Michael Clark says: "Last autumn, they chartered a helicopter to scout for a location for their northern pied-a-terre.

"They zeroed in on Lac Desmarais, which once belonged to a Franciscan order of monks and has remained relatively untouched." กกกก

Source: BreakingNews

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