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Celebrity Chatter: Angry Phone Call May Cost Crowe Millions

Front-Desk Clerk May Get Out-Of-Court Settlement

POSTED: 2:36 pm EDT August 15, 2005

Russell Crowe's missed telephone call may cost him millions. The actor may be settling his dispute with the New York hotel employee who received a cut on his face after Crowe threw a telephone at him.

Celebrity Chatter Michelle SolomonBritish newspaper the Daily Mail is reporting that Crowe will pay $10.8 million to Nestor Estrada, the 28-year-old front desk clerk. Crowe reportedly took a telephone out of his room that wasn't working, brought it to the front desk and threw it after he tried to call his wife in Australia.

If Crowe pays out of court, according to the story, it could prevent him from facing prison time. If convicted, he would also be banned from entering the United States.

I interviewed Crowe in Chicago for his movie "Master and Commander." Although he stands at 5 foot 11 inches tall, he didn't seem imposing. I guess I expected "The Gladiator."

He greeted me with a cheery "Hello, love." He smoked during the interview, which I found interesting, since I never experienced a celebrity smoking during a sit down interview in a hotel before.

Crowe is definitely a "do what I want to do" kind of guy.

Maybe the next time I do interview him, I'll catch a glimpse of Danielle Spencer-Crowe and baby, Charles. Since his anger management tour, Crowe has been working on taming down his volatile personality and reportedly told his wife he wants her and their son to accompany him on his publicity tours.

That's one way to ensure he won't have another outburst when trying to call home to Australia.

Brad's Blonde Is Gone

Brad Pitt's bleached bottled blonde look is history. We know Jennifer Aniston didn't like it after she was quoted in Vanity Fair as saying "Billy Idol called, he wants his look back."

Well, Idol did get his look back. Pitt's hair is dark for his role as Jesse James (that's the outlaw, not Sandra Bullock's husband). He'll begin shooting the "Assassination of Jesse James" in Calgary. The movie's official production date is Aug. 29, but the Canadian city expects Pitt and hordes of paparazzi to descend on the city any day.

Pitt will most likely be in Calgary when his divorce to Aniston becomes final sometime in September. That's when celebrity shutterbugs that make their money from getting the "right" picture are hoping that Angelina Jolie visits Pitt and their relationship becomes public.

The Calgary Sun is reporting that celebrity news outlets are hoping they get the first shot of the pair. One source told the paper that a photograph of "Brangelina" could be worth more than $300,000.

Jolie is currently in New York shooting "The Good Shepherd" with Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro directing. No word on if she has a trip to The Great White North planned.

Catherine Zeta-Jones just can't have enough homes, it seems.

Speaking of Canada, Hello Magazine is reporting that Zeta-Jones and her husband, Michael Douglas, just bought waterfront property in Quebec.

The couple has homes in New York, Wales, Bermuda, Los Angeles and Majorca.

The Canadian property, near the spectacular Mont-Tremblant, could be replacing the couple's Aspen property because the mountain retreat is known for its world-class skiing.

Save Martha Web Site Counts Down is counting down the moments until Martha Stewart's house arrest is over with a ticker at the top of its home page.

Some of the highlights on the Web site include T-shirts for Stewart fans including, "Martha Is My Homegirl" and "M Diddy."

There are also a number of cities listed that are now hosting Martha meet-ups for fans.

Meet up groups have already formed in New York, Detroit, St. Louis, Denver, Chicago, Raleigh-Durham, San Fernando Valley and Kingsport, Tenn.

Find out more about the meetups here.

One more Martha agenda item: There will be a catchphrase associated with Martha Stewart's new television show a la Donald Trump's "You're fired," but no one's talking. Stewart and her crew want you to wait until September. But what if we have a better suggestion for the domestic diva's "Apprentice"? In true Celebrity Chatter fashion, I thought we could come up with some of our own.

Here are some that I'm sure are in the running: "You're cooked." "You're toast." "You're baked." "You're all washed up."

What do you think? E-mail me your suggestions and I'll publish some of them next week.

Michelle Solomon's gossip column, Celebrity Chatter, appears each Monday. You can email Michelle at Michelle Solomon@Celebrity Chatter.

Director John Singleton employs the best of Motown's protest era psych-soul, including selections from Marvin Gaye's brilliant "Trouble Man" score and the Temptations to the soundtrack of the hit movie "Four Brothers."

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