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The Daily Mail today is having a sly and pointless little snigger at Hollywood's glitziest coupling, the fabulous Douglas-Jones's.


Golf-loving marital duo Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones caused a frisson of excitement in south Wales when word got out of their imminent arrival to thwack around a bit out on the tended greens.

Or as the Mail puts it: "There was great anticipation when it was announced that showbiz royalty Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones would be brush up on their stroke play.

"Would it be a chauffeur-driven Rolls that decanted the celebrity couple on to the car park at the Celtic Manor club in Newport?"


"Might they go for a sportier option such as a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? Or would they descend from the sky in a helicopter?"

Could be...

"In fact, they turned up in a £4,000 Skoda, with 60-year-old Douglas himself at the wheel."

Blimey! The shame! No, not really. We don't think so either.

One gawlf club type burbled to the Mail: "It really did beggar belief."

Give us strength. Image is everything at the 19th hole, clearly.

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